Research Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hamovitch Research Council is:

  • To promote peer-reviewed scientific research from public and private funding sources
  • To promote the USC School of Social Work's institutional interests in terms of development of research and scientific careers
  • To build a culture of cooperation and inclusiveness in the service of the scientific mission

Members are appointed by the dean and must have tenure, a history of funding as a principal investigator on peer-reviewed scientific research and experience as a peer reviewer of scientific research. The council consists of five appointed members, two research deans and several ex-officio members.

The council oversees, supports and evaluates the performance of the research deans, providing recommendations to the dean and Faculty Council on hiring priorities and assisting with the development of the research center's annual budget.

Responsibilities of the scientific research dean include maintaining methodology and biostatistics support; developing a mentoring program for junior faculty and postdoctoral students; organizing workshops, seminars and training sessions; and assisting with budget preparations. This position also develops research clusters, promotes communication within the research center and updates the center's five-year strategic plan.

The administrative research dean hires information technology, editorial and grant support personnel and provides broad oversight of the research center, including the development and submission of grant award proposals. This role also involves developing and maintaining external relations and promoting internationalization of the school research infrastructure.

Council Members

Suzanne Wenzel

Council Members
Ron Astor
Kathleen Ell
Penelope Trickett
William Vega
Gokul Mandayam
Eric Rice

Ex-officio Members
Charles Kaplan
Michalle Mor Barak
Haluk Soydan