Career Development Workshops and Webinars

The Office of Professional Development offers a series of career development workshops and webinars during the academic year for currently enrolled USC MSW students. Please check the calendar of events for the schedule.

Make Your Resume Talk!
Crafting Your Resume and Cover Letter

Is your resume ready for the job market or your field placement? Learn the basics on writing your resume and cover letter that land you the job of your dreams.

Get the 411! Get Connected!
Informational Interviewing and Networking

Don’t think informational interviews or networking will help you in the job search? Think again! Whether you’re a first-year student or a second-year student, learn know how the relationships you build today will impact you in the future.

The MSW & Me
Career Options in Social Work

Wondering What you'll do with your MSW? Learn about various MSW career options and how to assess what you have to offer, so you can find the right fit!

Ready for the Hunt?
How to Find a Job

Looking for a job? Most people find out about jobs through someone they know. In addition to networking, learn how to find jobs online and through LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Interview: The Final Impression
Does interviewing make you nervous? Whether you’re interviewing for a field placement or a job, the interview is an opportunity for you to articulate what’s on your resume, but, more importantly, who you are. Learn what to expect in an interview and how to prepare to answer some of those tough interview questions.

Connecting the Dots
How Your Social Work Skills Transfer

Ever wonder how your social work skills would apply to another industry? If you’re interested in a “non-traditional” social work internship or job, you’ll want to learn how to make your social work skills connect through your resume and the interview.

Evaluating Offers and Negotiating Salary
Afraid to negotiate salary? When you receive a job offer, there are many things to consider both personally and professionally that will affect how you evaluate the offer. Learn what those things are, in addition to how to negotiate salary.