Doctoral Student Association

Mission Statement

The Doctoral Student Association (DSA) is a student-led organization that represents the doctoral students in the USC School of Social Work and their special interests and concerns pertaining to the doctoral studies program. In addition to serving as the voice of the doctoral students to the Doctoral Committee, the DSA also gives students a chance to socialize with their colleagues at parties, cultural events, health-promoting classes and other events. The DSA also works toward improving communication among doctoral students, faculty and master of social work students in the school.


Nicholas Barr
Co-Chair & 2nd-Year Representative

Taylor Harris
1st-Year Representative

Karissa Fenwick
3rd-Year Representative

Jeremy Gibbs
4th-Year Representative

Jaih Craddock
Social Chair

Rebecca Lengnick-Hall
Co-Chair and 2nd-Year Representative

Hadass Moore
1st-Year Representative

Paula Helu Fernandez
3rd-Year Representative

Caroline Lim
5th-Year and Beyond Representative