Second Year

The second year of the PhD curriculum is largely individualized to meet each student’s educational goals. Coursework is organized around a specific field of social work practice or a problem area, enabling students to gain knowledge of that field’s development and policies; one level of comparative practice theory; comparative explanatory theory; and advanced research methods. Students fulfill the requirement for the mastery of the content of their individualized course of study through a combination of at least three (2-unit) directed tutorials with members of the social work faculty, at least three university courses in other departments and an elective.

Second-Year Checklist

  • Further develop faculty mentoring relationships
  • Fulfill shadow teaching requirement with a faculty member in the PhD department
  • Take courses in other departments or schools within the university
  • Complete course requirements
  • Work on directed research and publications
  • Write papers and present at conferences
  • Develop and submit grant and fellowship applications to fund research
  • Participate in professional and career development workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences

Typical Second-Year Schedule

Fall (Third Semester)

SOWK 790 Faculty Tutorial 1 (2)
SOWK 790 Faculty Tutorial 2 (2)
SOWK 764 Advanced Multivariate Statistics (3)
Course #1 Other Department (3-4)
Elective #1 Internal/External (3-4)

Spring (Fourth Semester)

Course #2 Other Department (3-4)
Course #3 Other Department (3-4)
Elective #2 Internal/External Statistics or Research Course (3-4)
SOWK 790 Faculty Tutorial 3 (2)