Third Year

As a pre-requisite to candidacy for the PhD degree, students must pass a qualifying examination in their research area, which consists of a written paper of publishable quality and an oral defense. To become eligible, you must complete all core courses, at least six units of tutorials and at least 32 units of coursework in the doctoral program with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. After passing the qualifying exam, students advance to candidacy.

Once you are admitted to candidacy, you can choose your dissertation committee, consisting of three members of the guidance committee, one of whom must be from outside the school. Your dissertation committee will provide consultation in research, approve your dissertation, conduct the final oral examination and recommend you for the PhD degree.

Third-Year Checklist

  • Further develop faculty mentoring relationships
  • Explore dissertation topics
  • Fulfill teaching facilitator requirements with a faculty member in the PhD department
  • Complete your qualifying examination
  • Determine your dissertation committee of three faculty members
  • Work on directed research and publications
  • Write papers and present at conferences
  • Develop and submit grant and fellowship applications to fund research
  • Participate in professional and career development workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences

Typical Third-Year Schedule

Students who have completed all major course requirements in the program [AND] [underline] are not otherwise enrolled during the semester in which the qualifying examination is to be taken [must] [underline] enroll in GRSC 800: Studies for Qualifying Examination. The one-unit GRSC 800 course maintains a student’s status as a full-time student in the program.

Fall (Fifth Semester)

GRSC 800 Studies for Qualifying Examination (1)

Spring (Sixth Semester)

GRSC 800 Studies for Qualifying Examination (1)