Anthony Hassan

Research Interest 
Behavioral Health
Military Social Work
Contact Information
City Center
Clinical Professor
EdD, University of South Florida, Tampa, 2008
MSW, Florida International University, 1992
BSW, University of Alaska, Anchorage, 1990

ANTHONY M. HASSAN is a clinical professor at the USC School of Social Work, serving as the inaugural director of the Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families (CIR). A retired Air Force officer, he brings 25 years of experience in military social work and leadership development.

Hassan's career has been marked by an interest in administration, leadership and innovation. He previously served as deputy department head of the Leadership Directorate and director of the master's degree program in counseling and leadership at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He transformed the graduate program's curriculum ensuring quality education for more than 80 top-tier Air Force commanders and improving cadet leader development and squadron organizational performance. At the academy, Hassan also helped develop a defense health program research project to study factors promoting resiliency in the Army National Guard. Prior to the Air Force Academy, he was the CEO of a military community mental health center, which ranked No. 1 of 10 community mental health centers in the region for productivity and "best clinic."

Hassan served during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004 on the first-ever Air Force combat stress control and prevention team embedded with an Army unit. He was also hand-selected to assist and educate East-African countries in 2006 with capacity building for disaster response. Adding to his work abroad, Hassan led the largest military substance abuse and family advocacy programs in the Pacific which were recognized as benchmark programs and training sites for all other Pacific bases.

His unique combination of experiences contributes greatly to his success as a leader, educator, researcher and innovator. While at USC since 2009, Hassan has been instrumental in the exponential growth of the military social work program and community-based research on veterans and military families. He has overseen the expansion of the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative, a collective network of more than 250 public, private and government organizations that share best practices for veterans and military families. His relationships with the most senior levels of leadership in the U.S. Department of Defense, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles have helped recognize CIR and the USC School of Social Work as national and international leaders in military behavioral health education, research and community capacity building.

Hassan's scholarship encompasses a diverse array of publications and presentations in social work, leadership, higher education administration, military and pedagogy. He is in demand as one of the most dynamic speakers for both military and civilian audiences across the United States. Hassan is the chair of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Task Force for the development of national guidelines for graduate programs in military social work and a member of the Commission on Professional Development for CSWE. He also serves on the Los Angeles City Workforce Investment Board and is a mayoral appointee on the Military Veteran Advisory Council, a new initiative out of the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Veterans Affairs.

Awards and Distinction
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Civilian Service Award (2014)
Region Nominee for Social Worker of the Year for the U.S. Air Force (2003)
Pacific Air Force Social Worker of the Year (1999)
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Selected Publications

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