De Vida Gill

Adjunct Lecturer
Contact Information
University Park
Department of Study 
Social Change and Innovation
MSW, University of Southern California, 1997
BA, California State University, Dominguez Hills, 1992

DE VIDA GILL is an adjunct lecturer within the Department of Community, Organization, and Business Innovation at the Virtual Academic Center. She teaches a class on human behavior and the social environment.

A licensed clinical social worker, she is experienced in program development, mentoring, and serving the youth and young adult population. She currently provides mental health services to special education students in the Santa Ana Unified School District, as well as to youth and young adults in her private practice located in Newport Beach, California. She has helped to create and revitalize several county-, nonprofit- and community-based transitional aged youth and young adult programs, such as Wraparound and Full Service Partnership.

Bell is also a certified transformational life coach and teaches young adults and adults with busy schedules ways to maintain balance in their personal, professional and private lives. Fusing traditional and alternative therapeutic methodologies and interventions with an artistic twist, she creatively trains her clients how to unmask their potential for the life they would love to have. In addition, with a background in the performing arts, she continues to uplift and empower the arts and entertainment communities by consulting, developing programs, creating training, and providing psychotherapy and coaching to help individuals manage their active lifestyles while embracing their own identities and uniqueness.

She is the author of 3 Steps to Recharge You! (2010), a guide that aims to help readers analyze and understand their thoughts, emotions and decisions in their journey of self-discovery.

Selected Publications

Bell, D.V. (2010). 3 Steps to Recharge You!: A Simple Guide to Eliminate the Burnout & Rekindle the Passion Within. iUniverse