Laura Rogers

Adjunct Lecturer
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University Park
Department of Study 
Children, Youth and Families

LAURA ROGERS is a licensed clinical social worker based in San Diego, California. She is also licensed in the states of Illinois and New York. 

In 2001, she developed the Single Point of Access/Accountability initiative for the child welfare, juvenile justice and mental health systems in Oneida County, New York. Currently, she serves as senior director of a wraparound program in San Diego County and teaches part-time at USC. 

Selected Publications

Rogers, L.L. & Endress, P.R. (Summer 2009). Establishing a Foundation for Collaboration Among Child-Serving Systems. Report on Emotional & Behavioral Disorders in Youth: Evidence-Based Assessments; Interventions for the Real World, 9(3), 69-74.

Rogers, L.L. & Endress P.R. (2009). Chapter 4: Establishing a Foundation for Collaborating Among Child-Serving Systems. Behavioral Health Care: Assessment, Service Planning, and Total Clinical Outcomes Management. Kingston, NJ: Civic Research Institute.

Lyons, J.S. & Rogers, L.L. (2004). Commentary: The U.S. Child Welfare System: A De Facto Public Behavioral Health Care System. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 43, 971-973.