Lorraine Demi

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Contact Information
San Diego
Department of Study 
Social Change and Innovation
Research Interest 
Social Development/Policy
MSW, San Diego State University, 1996
BA, San Diego State University, 1994

LORRAINE DEMI is an adjunct assistant professor, teaching graduate courses on topics such as program development and grant writing; research/evidenced-based practices; policy and advocacy; and consultation, coaching and social entrepreneurship. She began teaching for USC in the fall of 2011 and at the Virtual Academic Center in the fall of 2013.

Demi has more than 22 years of experience in social services, including as an independently contracted grant writer and consultant since 1996, and a myriad of both clinical and administrative experiences. She currently provides independently contracted grant writing, research, planning and custom writing for social service agencies, educational institutions, arts organizations, social justice groups and related entities. She has provided workshops and spoken to various audiences on topics such as grant writing for various types of organizations, independent contracting and community organizing. She has also guest taught and spoken in a variety of university classrooms.

Demi holds a bachelor's degree in social work, with a minor in studio arts with emphasis in painting and drawing, and a master's in social work with emphasis on administrative social work and social work with children, youth and families. Her graduate thesis was titled "The Effect of Art Therapy on a Child’s Violent-Incident Induced Aggression, Depression, and Anxiety."