Lucia Aparicio

Adjunct Professor
Contact Information
University Park
Department of Study 
Adults and Healthy Aging
MSW, University of California, Los Angeles, 1980
BA, University of California, Los Angeles, 1978

LUCIA APARICIO has been a member of the adjunct faculty since 1998, teaching courses on social work theory and practice, including individual assessment and treatment and group and family practice. She has been a part of the Community Immersion program since its inception as a writing workshop instructor. She was honored by the school’s Rainbow Alliance Caucus for being a faculty member who strives for the inclusion of diversity and acceptance both inside and outside of her classroom.

A licensed clinical social worker, Aparicio has spent more than 30 years serving community agencies, working with gang prevention programs in school settings and in her private practice. She began her career as a social worker at the Rape Treatment Center, dealing with severe trauma, incest, and psychological, sexual and physical abuse. She worked as a member of an interdisciplinary treatment and triage team consisting of doctors, nurses and members of the Los Angeles Police Department and FBI. She also actively created and pursued fundraising efforts and events. In addition, she has worked with immigrant populations escaping their homes because of civil war, poverty and discrimination, as well as children and family members victimized by corrupt abductions. She has also been contracted to co-author and edit books related to the building and sustaining of relationships. 

Aparicio has been in private practice since 1985, cultivating a wide array of expertise around issues related to drug addiction and recovery, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, racial inequality, self-perception and personality disorders. She has treated survivors of childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and counseled individuals struggling with gender and identity issues. She also focused part of her private practice on family issues, such as divorce, separation, infertility, adoption, parenting and discipline struggles. She currently works with adults, adolescents, couples and families in her practice.