Penelope Trickett

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University Park
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Children, Youth and Families
Research Interest 
Children & Families
Mental Health
David Lawrence Stein/Violet Goldberg Sachs Professor of Mental Health
PhD, New School for Social Research, 1976
MA, University of Denver, 1967
BA, Bryn Mawr College, 1964

PENELOPE K. TRICKETT was a professor of social work and psychology, as well as a developmental psychologist whose research focused on the developmental consequences of child abuse and/or neglect on children and adolescents and on the characteristics of families in which such abuse occurs. She earned an Independent Scientist Award from the National Institute of Mental Health titled "The Developmental Consequences of Child Abuse and Violence." In addition, Trickett conducted two longitudinal studies. One, nearly 30 years in the making, concerns the psychobiological impact of familial sexual abuse on female adolescents and young adults. The second is a study of the impact of neglect, alone or in combination with other forms of maltreatment, on young adolescent development. Trickett also directed a university-wide interdisciplinary violence research initiative at the University of Southern California.

Trickett died July 15, 2016.

Dr. Penelope Trickett likens her work as a developmental psychologist to reading a mystery novel—a methodical act of piecing together bits of evidence. But her mysteries are more complicated than a simple whodunit and can take many years of detective work before they begin to unravel. Trickett, a professor of social work and psychology, studies the developmental consequences of abuse on children and adolescents. Her foremost contribution to the field, a longitudinal study on sexually abused girls, is still a work in progress after decades of gathering and interpreting clues.

Along with her studies at Bryn Mawr College, where she cultivated an interest in psychology, three major influences have shaped Trickett’s professional development. First was a postdoctoral position at Yale University studying disadvantaged youth with Edward Zigler, one of the creators of Head Start. In a later position at the National Institute of Mental Health, Trickett gained an understanding of pubertal development. The advent of feminism served as the third influence, giving women the courage to start reporting instances of sexual abuse in their past. Suddenly, it became accepted that family members were capable of sexual abuse. This revelation, coupled with her interest in disadvantaged children and puberty, led Trickett to pursue a new sub-concentration in psychological research: the long-term effects of sexual abuse on young women.

When Trickett began her longitudinal study on sexually abused girls in the early 1990s, she never thought she would still be working on it decades later. The original design sought to assess the psychobiological consequences of intra-familial sexual abuse on a sample of about 80 girls during the course of a decade, but she has received multiple funding extensions. Though the study has resulted in roughly 50 publications, it was only in April 2011—after interviewing and surveying participants and many of their children multiple times during the previous 24 years—that Trickett’s team published a definitive account of the study detailing their findings and offering novel ideas for dealing with this form of sexual trauma. Trickett and her colleagues emphasized the importance of treatment sessions for sexually abused women, citing evidence that trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective in treating posttraumatic stress disorder and other health-related consequences. Moreover, they recommended that treatment continue as children age, as symptoms of psychopathology can take years to manifest and are often missed in observational cross-sectional studies.

Trickett also heads a longitudinal study on childhood neglect and substance abuse, and along with Dr. Jacquelyn McCroskey, leads a research core on child development and children’s services. She regularly involves doctoral students in her research, offering both a window into her specific social work niche and ample research and dissertation opportunities.

Awards and Distinction
Sterling C. Franklin Faculty Award for Research and Scholarship, USC School of Social Work (2001)
Alfred J. Marrow Award, presented by the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science, New School for Social Research for "an outstanding dissertation inthe field of psychology" (1976)
Grant-in-Aid-of-Research, presented by Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society of North America, in partial support of doctoral research (1975)
More awards
Selected Publications

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