Samih Samaha

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Contact Information
Department of Study 
Children, Youth and Families
MSW, University of Southern California, 2007
BA, University of Southern California, 2001

SAMIH SAMAHA is an adjunct assistant professor. He currently serves as a children’s social worker with Los Angeles County. His experience includes working with children with developmental delay and children and youth diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, as well as child abuse investigation, forensic interviewing and direct mental health services from school age until old age.  

Before joining the faculty of USC, Samaha worked as a clinician and supervisor for children with ASD for more than a decade. He was also a program director at an adult health day care center, a medical facility serving elderly individuals with living assistance and resource management. Past clinical experience also includes working with LGBTQI children and youth and their families. For many years, he also worked in medical social work settings such as hospitals and child abuse clinics.

Samaha has co-authored papers and given trainings and talks about the field of social work and early lifespan development. He also contributed a chapter on ASD and developmental delay in a published social work book.