Field instruction is an essential part of the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work experience and those chosen to supervise our students in their field work must be highly qualified, committed to the values and ethics of the profession and possess a genuine interest in teaching.

All field instructors must have an MSW from an accredited school of social work, at least two years of post-master’s social work experience and agree to attend a 15-hour course for new field instructors, in addition to the criteria below:

  • Demonstrated skills in practice
  • Independence, creativity and flexibility
  • Knowledge of the community and its resources
  • Know-how in dealing with:
  • The authority inherent in the role of the educator
  • Students with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and interests
  • The structure and function of the agency and relation to the community
  • The organization and implementation of agency resources
  • Ability to conceptualize theory and evidence-based practices
  • Interest in designing and organizing varied content
  • Eagerness to work with the field education department to design and implement the curriculum
  • Availability to give the necessary time to the student in planning, preparation, review and individual supervision willingness to evaluate the student’s work on an ongoing basis and through the formal written evaluation required at the end of each semester

If you meet these requirements and are interested in joining our team of field instructors, please contact us.