Mor Barak to Lead Diversity Management Think Tank in France

Michalle Mor Barak

Michalle Mor Barak, the Lenore Stein-Wood and William S. Wood Professor in Social Work and Business in a Global Society Professor at the  USC School of Social Work, has received a $35,000 grant from the Borchard Foundation’s Center on International Education to hold an international colloquium at the Chateau de la Bretesche in Missillac, France.

The Borchard Foundation offers four grants a year to academicians interested in creating a bridge between France and the United States through scholarship and creativity in cultural, academic and public affairs.

The colloquium Mor Barak has proposed, “The Paradox of Multiculturalism Policies and Diversity Management: A Comparison of Public and Business Policies in Europe and in the U.S.,” will bring together 12 scholars, business leaders and public policy experts from around the world to discuss the failure of multiculturalism policies and the success of diversity management policies in business.

Mor Barak has developed a reputation as a visionary, cross-disciplinary scholar in the areas of global workforce diversity, social work practice in the workplace, and inclusion. In her award-winning book, Managing Diversity: Toward a Globally Inclusive Workplace (SAGE, 2nd edition, 2011), she proposed an original model for creating an "inclusive workplace"– one that helps businesses, as well as public non-profit organizations integrate with society via expanding circles of inclusion at the organizational, community, state/national and international levels.

Mor Barak received her first Borchard Foundation grant in 2003 and hosted “Workforce Diversity in the U.S. and in Europe: Effective Public and Private Policies and Practices that Improve Corporate, Community, and Employee Relations.”