Research Clusters of Excellence

The USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work has created research clusters, or “communities,” that bring together a distinguished group of investigators with common academic interests, allowing for meaningful ways to foster interdisciplinary and community collaboration, and bolster high-impact research. The goal is to support the expansion of scholarship and innovative research by identifying and developing existing areas of excellence within the school, which include aging; behavior, health, and society; child development and children’s services; homelessness, housing, and social environment; military; serious mental illness services and quality of life; and management, organizations and policy transformation, as well as provide a framework for research and training at the doctoral level. Each cluster receives substantial funding in combination with external support to provide the team a pool of shared resources that can be used for research, teaching and scholarly dialogue.


William Vega,
Behavior, Health, and Society
Lawrence Palinkas,
Julie Cederbaum,
Child Development and Children’s Services
Penelope Trickett,
Jacquelyn McCroskey,
Homelessness, Housing, and Social Environment
Suzanne Wenzel,
Management, Organizations and Policy Transformation
Michálle Mor Barak,
Erick Guerrero,
Military Behavioral Health and Trauma
Carl Castro,
Serious Mental Illness Services and Quality of Life
John Brekke,
Ann Marie Yamada,