Sara Kintzle

Research Associate Professor
Contact Information
City Center
Department of Study 
Adults and Healthy Aging
Research Interest 
Military Social Work
PhD, University of Georgia
MSW, University of Iowa
BSW, University of Iowa
BA, University of Iowa

SARA KINTZLE joined in 2013 after graduating from the University of Georgia's doctoral social work program. Kintzle has also received master's and bachelor's degrees in social work, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, from the University of Iowa.

She is currently an assistant research professor at the USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families and has focused on military research for the past six years. Her most recent research efforts include testing the efficacy of virtual training for military behavioral health providers, as well as the Los Angeles County and Orange County veterans studies. She also has research interest in the assessment and treatment of trauma, grief and loss, military transition, military sexual assault, secondary traumatic stress, and crisis intervention. Her practice experience includes work at a medical examiner department, where she provided crisis intervention at the scene of sudden death and follow-up bereavement support. Kintzle developed this social work practice known as the social work-medical examiner model.

She currently serves on the editorial boards for the journals Military Behavioral Health and Traumatology.

Selected Publications

Castro, C. A., Kintzle, S., & Hassan, A. M. (in press). The combat veteran paradox. Traumatology.

Kintzle, S., Schuyler, A. C., Ray-Letourneau, D., Ozuna, S. M., Munch, C., Xintarianos, E., Hassan, A. M., & Castro, C. A. (in press). Sexual trauma in the military: Exploring PTSD and mental health service unitilization in female veterans. Psychological Services.

Barr, N., Sullivan, K. A., Kintzle, S., & Castro, C. A. (accepted with revisions). PTSD symptoms, suicidality and risk to life behavior in a mixed sample of pre and post 9/11 veterans. Social Work in Mental Health.

Kintzle, S., Oh, H., Wilcox, S., Hassan, A. M., Ell, K., & Castro, C. A. (in press). Civilian unemployment and mental health: The moderating impact of alcohol misuse in returning National Guard. Military Medicine.

Castro, C. A., Kintzle, S., Schuyler, A., Lucas, C., & Warren, C. (2015). Sexual assaults in the military. Current Psychiatry Reports, 17(7), 1-13.

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