Sonya Negriff

Research Assistant Professor
Contact Information
University Park
Department of Study 
Children, Youth and Families
Research Interest 
Children & Families
Social Development/Policy
PhD, University of Southern California, 2007
MA, University of Southern California, 2004
BA, Cornell University, 2001

SONYA NEGRIFF joined as a research assistant professor in 2010. Prior to joining the faculty, she served as a research associate and project director of a longitudinal study on child maltreatment and adolescent development led by Professor Penelope Trickett. After receiving her PhD in developmental psychology from USC in 2007, she completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the Division of Adolescent Medicine.

Negriff’s expertise is in biopsychosocial models of development. In particular, her research focuses on the relationship between timing of puberty and health and behavior problems, such as delinquency, substance use and sexual activity, in maltreated adolescents. She is interested in how stressful events such as maltreatment interact with biological changes to create vulnerability for risky behavior, and how peer influence may mediate these associations.

Her current work focuses on the online interactions of maltreated youth as mechanisms leading to substance use and risky sexual behavior. This work is funded by a grant through the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development and aims to determine how online social influences can be both potential risk and protective factors for maltreated youth.

Awards and Distinction
NRSA fellow-T32 institutional training grant General Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (2007-09)
Dean's List, Cornell University (Fall 1998)
More awards
Selected Publications

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Brensilver, M., Negriff, S., Mennen, F.E. & Trickett, P.K. (in press). Longitudinal relations between depressive symptoms and externalizing behavior in adolescence: Moderating effects of maltreatment experience and gender. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.

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