Welcome, Trojans!

Every fall, the USC School of Social Work sends its new Master of Social Work students out in the field on a two-day Community Immersion trip. Students learn about various aspects of a particular community -- the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly -- and how they, as social workers, might be able to help. Here are photos from this year's trip to Hollywood.

Tell Someone "You Matter"

We invite you to participate in You Matter, a grassroots campaign designed to foster well-being and bring back some much-needed human connection. Join us in promoting positive mental health, and help our movement grow!

Homing in on Veteran Suicide

More than 8,000 veterans commit suicide each year, or nearly 22 a day, and this rate has increased significantly in the past 10 years. Researchers with the USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families believe they can now identify when veterans may be more prone to suicide, a first step in more effective prevention efforts.

Sharing Perspectives

Dean Marilyn Flynn, along with Anthony Hassan, director of the Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families, and Carl Castro, assistant professor, traveled to Taiwan to share their expertise on the development of a military social work academic program and how it could benefit the country as it moves toward an all-volunteer military force.

Environmental Factors

Assistant Professor Benjamin Henwood has assembled a multidisciplinary team to study how the “built environment” of neighborhoods and surroundings influences the long-term health of homeless people who live in state and federally supplied housing.


The Children’s Data Network, housed at the USC School of Social Work, is a data and research collaborative that links and analyzes children's administrative records to advance policies that will improve their well-being.


Associate Professor Karen Lincoln testified in front of the California State Senate Select Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care, which brought together experts who gave recommendations for a more effective support system for elders.


The Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation will give $3 million to establish the Hutto-Patterson Institute for Community Health at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and the USC School of Social Work.