The Review Crew

Reviewing grant proposals for federal agencies has proven to be a boon to researchers at the USC School of Social Work. Having an insider’s perspective on how federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation assess grant applications is critical to putting together a successful proposal -- and getting that all-important funding.

Community Outreach That’s Educational and Fun

With music, food, a live talk show complete with host, guests and video clips - even a game show with prizes - you might think it was a party. But the purpose of events like this are for seniors to learn about California's Coordinated Care Initiative, an Affordable Care Act program. Advocates for African American Elders at the USC Edward R. Roybal Institute on Aging has held three events like this to get the word out.

Defining Social Work Education for the Future

A new initiative at the USC School of Social Work to think in bigger, more creative terms and to turn theory into real-world practice starts with the establishment of an Innovators in Residence program, the first of its kind at a school of social work. The school is opening its doors to outside expertise in diverse fields, such as art and engineering, to better prepare its students and faculty to influence the evolution of such an essential field as social work.

Dean Inducted into Social Work Hall of Distinction

Dean Marilyn Flynn is among six individuals with distinguished and successful careers who entered the California Social Work Hall of Distinction during a recent induction ceremony that recognized their exceptional contributions to social justice and social welfare. Here is Flynn, left, with her grandson and Marv Southard, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, who praised Flynn for her generosity, entrepreneurial spirit and intense devotion to social justice.

Is the MSW the New MBA?

Fast Company magazine's Co.Exist blog, which focuses on the latest world-changing ideas and innovations, featured the school's social work and business concentration, noting that "a number of corporate failures demonstrate the need for the very skills that social workers are trained in." 


Advocates for African American Elders is a multidisciplinary partnership founded by Karen Lincoln at the USC Roybal Institute on Aging that helps African American seniors advocate for their health needs.


MSW students Krystal and Brian Lerner know first-hand the struggles many veterans face going through the Veterans Affairs system. Now the husband-and-wife team are using their shared experience to help others.


The Pamela and Mark Mischel Family Endowed Yellow Ribbon Scholarship Fund will help student veterans and military spouses studying military social work in the school’s Master of Social Work program.